Erotic Massage AmsterdamBest erotic massages in Amsterdam. Providing Nuru Massage, Tantra Massage, Naked Massage and manu more erotic massages.
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Erotic Massage Amsterdam

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Erotic Massage Amsterdam

If you are looking for an erotic massage Amsterdam, look no further than Steamy Erotic Massage agency. Our sexy masseuses will give you an unforgettable sensual massage experience which will drive away any stress away. Of course, all our erotic massages come with our signature happy ending. All you need to do is select the masseuse and massage that is right for you, and our girls will do the rest.

We offer a discreet out-call massage service so you can enjoy sensual massage in the comfort of your hotel room. Your massage girl will bring everything she needs to deliver the ultimate erotic massage Amsterdam experience. This includes anything required for any special requests you may have. 


Erotic Massage Girls

Get an Erotic Amsterdam Massage by one of our love masseuses. We have a wide selection of amazing looking massage girls., which provide many different erotic massages. Our selection of girls is one of the best in Amsterdam making us the leading erotic massage agency in Amsterdam. But don’t take our word for it, book your massage today and see for yourself.

Erotic massage for businessmen in Amsterdam


No introduction needed for this erotic massage girl

Amsterdam Erotic Massage by masseuse Steffie


Soothing body to body erotic massage – totally naked

Nude erotic massage Amsterdam with best masseuse in Holland


Sensual Kinka offers couples erotic massage experience

Relaxing oil massage in Amsterdam with Almara


Best hotel erotic massage service in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Erotic Massages

We provide a range of sensual massage services to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. Our service is bespoke, and although we have our standard massages, we always tailor the experience to you. At times blending techniques to ensure you are thoroughly aroused and enjoy an intense massage with a happy ending. 

As part of our discretion policy, your masseuse will perform your massage on the bed. This ensures you are comfortable and that she can arrive without any bulky equipment that may draw attention. Life can be stressful, and we want to ensure that you relax completely without concern about what is happening anywhere but in your room. 

Our erotic massages can be combined with more erotic services such as the specialty sex massage. Feel free to make any requests that may tickle your fancy. Your massage therapist will oblige if possible. We offer many erotic massages from the Nuru Massage to Tantric Massage. And then the more creative Duo Massages, all of which come with the infamous happy ending. 


Tantra Massage Amsterdam

Tantra Massage Amsterdam

A popular choice with our customers is the Tantra massage, which will leave you feeling uplifted, energized, and satisfied. Your masseuse explores every part of your body, starting with your fingers and slowly making her way across your entire body.

There is a focus on areas such as your thighs, nipples, buttocks, and finally, the massage ends with a lingam or penis massage. The slow, gentle caress of your whole body as your massage girl makes her way to your erogenous zones will draw you in completely. Your attention will move away from daily stresses, and you will focus entirely on the sensations you are experiencing. 

A tantra massage will envelop all your senses and release tension from each part of your being. For this reason, the orgasm experienced at the end of this massage is one of the most intense. With no distractions to focus on, you will experience a climax like never before. 

Nuru Massage Amsterdam

Nuru Massage Amsterdam

The Nuru Massage is one of the most sexually charged erotic massages you can have without actually having sex. The Nuru massage is a specialized massage during which a unique gel is used instead of massage oils. The gel has been described as natures sexual lubricant and creates silky friction between you and your masseuses. 

In a Nuru massage, your masseuse will cover herself and you in a silky gel. She will then proceed to use her entire body to massage you from head to toe. The Amsterdam Nuru Massage creates a bond of closeness as you are enveloped in your masseuse’s sexual energy. Let your mind clear, and your body experiences touch like never before. 

The erotic Nuru massage experience is like no other massage in Amsterdam, and the prolonged arousal leads to a powerful orgasm. This encounter will leave you deeply relaxed and content.

Sensual Massage Amsterdam

Sensual Massage Amsterdam

A completely bespoke experience led by your response to certain stimuli. This is an intuitive experience where your masseuse will use several techniques until she finds which you enjoy the most. Pulling knowledge from all types of massage, with this one you can look forward to a truly one of a kind experience. 

Sensual massage is performed slowly and deliberately. Your masseuse will rub all your cares and concerns away until you can only concentrate on what feels good physically. The happy ending lets your body rid itself of the last vestiges of tension. 

The finish is as unique as you are and your masseuse will focus on finding what works for your ensuring happy ending.


Sex Massage in Amsterdam

Sex Massage in Amsterdam

You may be looking for a happy ending massage in Amsterdam, but why not try a happier ending? Whereas most massages finish with a handjob, our happier ending is a little more personal. Instead of the standard tug enjoy a full sexual experience when your lovely masseuse lets you enter her and finish off with full penetration sex. 

The Sex massage is one of the best erotic massage and escort service combinations. With our happier ending your sexy masseuse will spend time massaging you, concentrating on what makes you hot, until finally mounting you. It’s a blend of intense pleasure and ultimate relaxation. 

Many men find themselves in a situation where they are not sure whether they want an escort or erotic massage services. Sometimes they find themselves disappointed for selecting an erotic massage only then to want to take things further. Don’t put yourself in a position where it is one or the other, choose a Sex Massage and get a full experience. 

Prostate Erotic Massage Amsterdam

Prostate Erotic Massage

The prostate massage provides the ultimate in male orgasm and is focused purely on sexual pleasure. Although you will find your body relaxed in a way that only an intense orgasm can provide, the prostate massage is solely concentrated on a mind-blowing sexual release. 

This is a speciality massage service for the man who wants to experience full-body release. Your prostate is situated just inside your but and your masseuse will use several methods to stimulate you. You can expect to experience involuntary muscle contractions, a warmth that spreads through your entire body, and the final contract and release as the pleasure reaches its peak. 

The experience is entirely different from regular climaxes but a full body awakening. If this is your first experience with a prostate massage, your masseuse will be gentle and help lead you through the experience. 

Amsterdam Double Dutch Massage

Duo Erotic Amsterdam Massage

The Double-Dutch Massage is double the fun with double the beauty and relaxation. You can select two gorgeous girls who will work in tandem to massage you from head to toe. The Double-Dutch massage can be overwhelming for some, with so many physical sensations and visual stimuli to focus on. If this is your choice, we recommend you close your eyes and let the experience carry you away into your fantasies. 

Our duo massage girls each focus on different parts of your body. Their sole aim so to give you an erotic experience which leaves you feeling energized and confident. After all, who wouldn’t experience a confidence boost after two sexy ladies focused only on you. 

Perfect for a pre-business meeting or after an exceptionally stressful day. If you need a confidence boost ahead of a big event or want to celebrate a successful day, this is for you. Let our Duo-Massage girls help you celebrate in every way. 

Erotic Massage AmsterdamSteam Erotic Massage Amsterdam is one of the best erotic massage services in Amsterdam.

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Amsterdam Hotel Massage

There is nothing quite like having an erotic massage in Amsterdam after a long day at the office. Tired, stressed, and preoccupied with working, this is no way to begin a good nights rest, yet it’s the story of many a businessman. We, however, have a far better idea. Why not have a sensual erotic massage by a gorgeous young woman whose only focus is to satisfy your every need. When you’re done, you’re already relaxed in bed, ready for a good nights rest.


Many a businessman have thought about the idea but are often too afraid of what hotel staff or other guests might think about such services. Stop thinking about this. You’re in Amsterdam the land of the sexually free. People don’t bat an eyelid about things like this; in fact, one of Amsterdam’s major tourist attractions is sex (Red Light District). That being said, we also value our customer’s privacy and therefore operate at a very discrete level. Our masseuses are well dressed and present themselves like any other quest, seamlessly passing in and out of hotels.

Erotic Massage Questions

Below we have listed some of the most common questions customers ask when ordering an Amsterdam erotic massage. Our policy has been to try and provide an erotic massage experience as close to what our customers expect. Hopefully, these questions and answers will provide you with all the critical information.

All expenses are included in the price. We charge 150 Euros per hour, and this includes travel, oils, and condoms. It should be pointed out that extra massage services can be purchased in addition to the standard massage packages, but these are extras. 

Yes, you can, in fact, we encourage this. During all erotic massages, the masseuse will be naked, for specific erotic massages the masseuse will use her entire body as part of the massage. 

Yes, you can BUT, this is not part of the standard 150 Euros per hour. If you would like to convert your erotic massage into a sex massage, you need to pay extra for this massage service.  Please Note: if you are looking for an Amsterdam Escort we have many recommendations at the bottom of the page.

Yes, happy endings come standard with all our erotic Amsterdam massages. We cannot imagine an erotic massage without a happy ending.

Of course, this is our primary massage service in Amsterdam. We provide erotic massages to hotels in Amsterdam and the surrounding cities.

Yes, if you are having a good time and would like to book additional hours you can pay the masseuse to extend your erotic massage booking. In rare cases, extensions are not possible.

Convenient Amsterdam Massage Service

Our girls are delivered directly to your door with everything the two of you may need. This includes oils, toys, and condoms if required. She will be dressed in gorgeous lingerie if you would like or will perform the massage naked. All our girls are well-groomed, polite, and friendly, putting you at ease that she will fit right in at your hotel. 

Often, we find that clients want additional massage services to those they booked when they lay eyes on their lovely lady. This is no problem at all, and we encourage you to make your requests. Most of our beautiful sensual masseuses do offer additional services at an additional cost and are more than happy to fulfill your desires. 

Enjoy your encounter with our beautiful and fun girls. They are more than accomplished masseuses as well as intelligent, engaging, and fun women to spend time chatting with too. Our massage service is reliable, and your masseuse will leave you in peace to reminisce about your experience when she is done. 

All our massage therapist are highly trained, elegant ladies who will ensure you relax, enjoy, and release any frustrations you may have. Book with Steamy Erotic Massage Agency today and lay back relax and enjoy an erotic Amsterdam massage.