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Nuru Massage Amsterdam

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Nuru Massage Amsterdam

If you are looking for a completely new erotic massage experience, our Amsterdam Nuru Massage is for you. Our Nuru massage is extremely erotic because our stunning Nuru massage girls do not use only their hands. That is right. An erotic Nuru Massage is done entirely naked!

This additional sensual element is what makes a Nuru Massage different from the usual erotic massage you may know. We all need a massage from time to time to help us relax and let go of life’s stress. The Nuru Massage, however, does so much more than relax you. It is a full-body experience and cannot be compared to any other.

Nuru Massage Girls

Our gorgeous Nuru Massage girls will show you how much more pleasurable the experience of a massage can be. You will want to return on each visit to Amsterdam, and our ladies will be waiting for you.

Amsterdam Nuru Massage is an Experience

Our Nuru Massages in Amsterdam are a new and exciting experience. The combination of relaxation, intimacy and full-body contact are unusual. It strays from traditional body rubs to immerse each sense and give you a feeling of complete wellbeing.

The practice of full-body Nuru Massage comes from Japan and uses a specialised gel. This gel is what makes the massage completely friction-free. Your Nuru Amsterdam Masseuse will rub your naked bodies in the gel to create the canvas on which she will run her body against yours. Using her entire sexy body, she will lie on top of you and slide up and down. The feeling of her breasts as they slip over your back is ultimate arousal. Her belly over your buttocks while her hands manipulate the stress of your day away.

The closeness of your bodies and intense arousal creates an anticipation of what is to come. However, the sensations are so lovely that you almost won’t want her to stop. Not until you are about to explode.

Our Nuru Massages Offer More Than Relaxation

Aside from the intensity of our Erotic Amsterdam Nuru Massages, you will enjoy many more benefits. For one, Nuru gel is natural lubricant full of rich vitamins and minerals. These are absorbed through your skin which means you will enjoy the benefits of the massage long after it has ended. Furthermore, the feeling of wellbeing which comes from this close intimate contact is undeniable.

The Nuru massage is also known for boosting physical and mental wellbeing, according to London’s study. 80% of those surveyed expressed more than just physical enjoyment. Due to the full-body contact between you and your chosen Nuru girl, you will be turned on in ways you did not know possible.

The very word Nuru means slippery, and that is precisely what this massage is. A slippery, full-body encounter. Smooth, wet, and slick and the response of your body will surprise you.

Let Your Wild Side Out to Play with our Amsterdam Nuru Massages

Explore your wild side with our Amsterdam Nuru Full Body Massage. It is not for the faint-hearted but an exciting, immersive encounter for the man who wants to forget about the world outside. Imagine a hot masseuse from our gallery selected by you for her looks and selected by us for her talents. You will not find a better high-class all-inclusive full body Nuru Massage in Amsterdam. Let’s not forget that each massage is finished with a happy ending. Once your massage girl has brought you to the edge of orgasm, she will tip you over it by massaging your penis.

You will experience the same slippery frictionless feel as she takes you in her hands. She is sliding them up and down your penis until you cannot hold it in anymore — an intense explosion of sexual release.

Select your massage lady from our gallery and experience a Nuru Massage like no other in Amsterdam.