Steamy Massages

About Us

TEL: 0031 6495 85 262

We are an exclusive erotic massage agency operating out of Amsterdam, however our services are not limited to the Amsterdam region but extend to all major dutch cities.

Our masseuses specialise in erotic massages that come with satisfying endings. We also provide additional sexual services to meet all our customer needs.

Client Satisfaction

At Steamy Massages customer satisfaction is our highest priority, as a result we go to great lengths in order to keep our customers happy and coming back for repeat business. We treat all customers as individuals and attempt to create a unique experiences tailored for their needs. Our friendly operators provide both guidance and assistance in helping customers get what they want.

Privacy Policy

All information exchanged between us and our clients is completely confidently and is not stored in any online system. All information that is stored is only temporary and is deleted after a few hours, typically once the booking has completed. We also try to limit the amount of information requested from clients and only gather data essential to a booking.

Our Masseuses

Our girls provide a high class professional service designed for business men residing at various hotels across Amsterdam. We have perfected the art of moving in and out of hotels with minimal effort, always maintaining a low profile to not draw any attention to ourselves and thus our clients. It should however be pointed out that in the Netherlands escorting and erotic massages is a respected and legal business and therefore does not carry the stigma it might in other countries, never the less we understand that most our clients are not familiar with this and prefer us to remain inconspicuous.

All our girls speak english and generally have excellent educational backgrounds. It’s not uncommon for our girls to have degrees or a higher education.